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3rd-6th Grade 

 image.jpegTeacher: Mandy Apele, BA in Elementary Education

 Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:16

 Maximum Class Size: 16

 Ages of Children: 7-12 years


Personal BackgroundBefore coming to North Wall, Mandy taught at Hallett Elementary in the Medical Lake School District until 2005; prior to that, she taught for 2 years in Honduras. She is certified K-8, has a minor in Spanish, and has both a reading and ESL endorsement. She is also taking courses toward her Masters in Gifted Education at Whitworth University.  Mandy's son Zae previously attended North Wall Elementary as one of her students.

Philosophy of Teaching:Mandy believes her role is to guide children to construct knowledge through individual discovery, authentic situations, and hands-on activities that honor all learning styles and abilitites.  She strives not only to provide high expectations, but also to create a safe place for children to develop their potential in a positive, loving environment.

Goals for the Class:

  • To keep the love of learning alive and nurtured in each child
  • To promote independent learning
  • To help students gain success in self-discipline
  • To help students recognize their own strengths and interests
  • To promote respect of self, others and our environment
  • To provide developmentally appropriate, interesting,
  • and challenging activities
  • To provide a positive educational experience

Class Schedule:

8:30 - Morning Meeting

8:45 - Math and Science block, morning snack

11:30 - Health and Fitness

12:00 - Grace and lunch

12:30 – Silent Reading

 1:00 – Language arts, social studies, and technology learning centers and afternoon snack

2:45 - Afternoon meeting, Read Aloud

3:00 -- Dismissal, recess for After School Students

3:45 - Completion of learning center activities

5:30 -- Close of School

Special Activities:

PE, on and off-site

Art, Music

Gifted and Talented