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Multi-Age Kindergarten

 heather_small.jpg  Teacher: Heather Campbell, BA in Elementary Education

 Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:10

 Maximum Class Size: 20

 Ages of Children: 4-6 years


Personal Background: I have been working at North Wall Schools for the last 7 years, minus a little hiatus in order to work on my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at EWU.  While at North Wall, I have worked in the Infant & Pre-Toddler classrooms and have spent the last five years as the Lead Teacher in the Multi-Age Kindergarten classroom.  My husband, Jason, and I have 2 sons, Quinton and Oliver who both attend North Wall.  

 Philosophy of Teaching: I believe that each child is special and has unique talents, needs, abilities, and interests.  When children are encouraged and supported, they thrive.  Every child should be treated with love, kindness, and respect.  With this nurturing support along with providing a consistent, developmentally appropriate and positive classroom environment, I believe that all children are capable of meeting their goals. 

 Goals for the Class:

  • To promote children to become independent learners
  • To help students gain success in self-discipline
  • To help students recognize their own strengths and interests
  • To promote respect of self, others and our environment
  •  To keep the love of learning alive and nurtured in each child

Class Schedule:

9:00 – Greeting, Circle, Flag Salute, Library Book

9:30 – Learning Centers (Language, Math, Art, Science, Social Studies) & Snack

10:15 - Clean up, Review morning centers

10:30 – Outdoor Time

11:00 - Science Circle, Show and Share

11:20 - Prayer, wash for lunch

11:30 - Lunch

12:00 – Journaling

12:30 - Circle Time (12:30 - 1:00 Music on Mondays)

12:45 - PE, Tuesday - Friday

1:00 – Quiet Reading

1:15 –   Afternoon Learning Centers      

         (Language, Math, Art Science, Social Studies, Computer & Snack)

2:30 - 2:45 - Outdoor Time

2:45 - 3:00 - Closing Circle

3:00 – Late PM Circle

3:15- Learning Centers

         (Language, Math, Art Science, Social Studies) & Snack

4:00 – Outdoor Time

4:30 - Snack

4:45 - Free Exploration