Kin – 2nd Grade

“Connor has the one quality that can never be taught, but it is absolutely necessary – a deep and unqualified love of children. Connor cares about each and every student in his class. He cares about their heart, health and academic success. …Connor has made our entire family feel special and respected.”

Kirsten Ericksen-Phan, teacher

Connor Nason
BS Elementary Education, Special Education
2nd year

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:16
Maximum Class Size: 16
Ages of Children: 5-8 years

Personal Background:

I earned a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education from Grand Canyon University, and I plan to complete my Master’s degree in Reading in 2019.  I’ve worked in several kindergarten classrooms, both as a student and as a substitute teacher in Spokane Schools; I have also taught at Trinity Catholic School here in Spokane. Originally from Sammamish, I enjoy everything about the outdoors, including skiing and hiking. I’ve led Young Life groups and served as a summer camp counselor.  I will be celebrating one year of married life in September 2019 as well!

Philosophy of Teaching: 

I have a passion for education and believe that one teacher can change the future for his students, and I am eager to help all my students reach their full potential.  I have learned that working collaboratively, communicating effectively, and showing enthusiasm and positivity go a long way in helping others build their confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.  Building a classroom setting that incorporates these attributes is a personal goal that I believe will help students meet and exceed their potential inside and outside of the classroom.

Goals for the Class:

  • To reach for full learning each day.
  • To work well with each other.
  • To come to class ready to expand knowledge.

Class Schedule:

8:30 – Morning circle and activities

9:00 – Learning Centers: reading and themed centers, snack

10:00 – PE/recess

10:30 – Centers wrap-up/targeted instruction

11:30 – Grace and lunch

12:00 – Journal, silent reading

12:35 – Afternoon circle and math introduction

1:00 – Learning Centers: math, science

2:00 – Outdoor Break

2:30 – Daily report, closing circle

3:00 – Dismissal for school-day students     Special Activities:

3:15 – Recess for extended-day students             Wednesday – Art

3:45 – Learning Centers                                      Thursday – Music

5:30 – Closing of School                                      Tuesday – Spanish