Elementary Summer Classes

Lacee Peterson

Transitional Kindergarten

Lacee has been a Guest Teacher with us since May of 2023. She has recently switched majors from Agriculture to Early Childhood Education! She also has many pets and raised lambs, pigs, and cows for FFA and 4H. Lacee’s favorite things about NWS is meeting and learning about the children, as well as understanding how they learn best. This class has a 1:12 teacher to student ratio.

2nd – 6th Grade

Caralee and Stephanie are Co-Teaching the class this summer, each taking 2 weeks at a time. During the school year, Stephanie teaches our 2nd-6th grade class and Caralee teaches our morning preschool/prekindergarten program as well as math with the 2nd-6th grade in the afternoon. This class is a 1:16 teacher to student ratio.

Caralee Palmer
Stephanie Elton

Julie Mitchell

4th – 6th Grade

Julie is coming back to us for the 3rd summer as our lead teacher in the 4th-6th grade class. Julie began as a Guest Teacher for us in 2020. She has been taught both 3rd and 5th grade at local elementary schools but chooses to come back and join the team each summer! She has recently earned her master’s degree as well. This class is a 1:12 teacher to student ratio.