Program Evaluation

Elementary and Early Childhood Program Evaluations

Thank you for participating in the current NAEYC Family Survey (Early Childhood families).  The overall score is 98.46% which is considered commendable when compared to other programs.  The criteria cover 10 standards, and our score in each standard is:

  1. Relationships 99.6%
  2. Curriculum 88.3%
  3. Teaching 97.4%
  4. Assessment of Child Progress 98.8%
  5. Health 100%
  6. Teachers 100%
  7. Families 97.8%
  8. Community Relationships 95%
  9. Physical Environment 100%
  10. Leadership and Management 98.7%

The AdvancED Survey provided to our elementary families also gave us useful information.

67% of those surveyed chose the following phrases to best describe, in general, the kinds of things teachers say to students during school:

  1. You got it right!
  2. I am interested in your answer.
  3. I am interested in your thinking

The following words or phrases that best describe, in general, the kinds of things the students are DOING while at school:

  • 100%- working with others
  • 67%- listening to the teacher, writing, thinking, completing challenging work

The top four word to describe, in general, the interactions families have with the school are respectful, supportive, trusting and collaborative.

In regard to the to the overall communication and improvement surveys:

  • Families would like improvements in the parking lot, sidewalks, gates and curriculum.
  • Families like small class sizes, loving teachers and strict safety policies.  They also like the educational focus, friendly environment and all methods of communication.

Thank you for providing feedback all year for our many events and fundraisers.  We appreciate all of your insights and suggestions!